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Explain your solution visually

An explainer video has become a must for most companies wanting to sell online. It speaks directly to your audience, and explains your product visually.

Showcase Solutions

Visually show your solution and why it helps potential customers.

Grab Attention

Grab the attention of viewers with an engaging story, and professional graphics.

Effective PR

Get your message across in less than 60 seconds, wherever you are.

What will an explainer video automate for you?

Explainer videos are a crucial asset in automating your business. They're your virtual salesman educating website visitors, they teach work instructions to new colleagues and help closing deals at salesmeeting and conferences.

Sales Pitches

Get your idea across in 60 seconds during sales pitches, conferences or presentations.

Marketing Efforts

Use a video on your landing page, as a Facebook/YouTube, or on television.

Worker Induction

Cut your training costs, and educate workers with a clear video, that you can use over and over again.

Case Study #1: PostageWizard

PostageWizard wanted a character-free, flat style animation that delivered their message in a clear, and visually instructive way.

Case Study #2: Maida

Maida was looking for a quirky, fun explainer video with a famous voice and characters. We've contracted the voice of the famous YouTube-channel 'Kurzgesagt' for this project.

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Exactly how we work

Explainer videos are produced in 6 phases, each with two rounds of revisions so you have maximum control over the direction.


Script and Story

We will work together to create a compelling, convincing and attention-grabbing story.



Here sketches are created to investigate, and illustrate what would support the story visually.


Graphics and Artwork

Here we will create all the graphics and artwork, following the storyboard and the style that we've selected.



Here, all the graphics will come to live. We will animate everything timed to the voice-over.



Out of a custom made selection, we will work with the chose voice-over to record the script in an engaging way.


Sound design

Finally, we will add music and custom-designed sound-effects to finish it off, making it ready-to-use.

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