I'm an advertising creative and art director based in Amsterdam.

I like everything next and new. Can I be a bit more specific? Well, I like thinking about superintelligent machines, eating in-vitro fish meat for breakfast and using virtual reality to finally cross off my top bucketlist item.

You sound like you've read too much science fiction.

Well, not sure. I just finished 1984 for the 14th time.

Are you smiling or depressed in that picture?

Good question. I was just having a depressing thought about the future of the human race mixed with a flashback to my morning cereal (which was pink).

How can I reach you?

Here you can: contact@laurensmartens.com


• Graphic Design Specialization - California Institute for the Arts
• Sociology - University of Amsterdam
• Cognitive Neuroscience - University of Amsterdam

Courses (a selection)

• Transmedia Storytelling - Narrative Worlds, Emerging Technologies and Global Audiences - UNSW
• Digital Branding and Engagement - CurtinX
• Minds and Machines - Massachutes Institute for Technology
• Marketing in a Digital World - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology - Delft University
• Entrepreneurship Course - Timothy Marc


• Representing the Netherlands in Young Lions Cannes Design competition (2019)
• Selected among 24 best creative talents in 24H pitch (Young Dogs NL) (2019)
• Recognized as T500 member by The Next Web and Accenture (2019)
• Won a Jonge Honden pitch for ABN Amro (2018)
• Gave TEDxRoma talk about virtual reality (2016)

Pro bono

• Set up Amsterdam Chapter of Singularity University
TheGoodShop project for Sounds of Change
• Board member ofTTU​​​​​​​