of Warships

Role: Creative, Art Director


Fleet Week is a festive display of historical warships, where veterans are able to pay tribute and homage to those who served in defense of the country. Because of COVID, the 2021 edition was cancellend.


How can we continue this tradition, giving veterans a way of engaging with modern and historical ships from the comfort of their own home?


Veterans engage with a lot of military simulation games after they have come back from duty.

One of them is World of Warships, of which over 75% of the user based have served. What if we could the assets of this game and bring these iconic warships to them, even closer than before?


Combining the power of Verizon’s 5G network with the game World of Warships, we helped veterans and fans alike explore historical cruisers and battleships from the comfort of their homes.

Our team rendered the USS Arizona, USS Des Moines, USS Missouri and HMS Belfast with stunning attention to detail. Each ship contains various hotspots that envelop enthusiasts in a realm of fascinating facts and highlight special components in 360°. Crafted with care for historical accuracy, the Museum of Warships puts navy buffs in the captain’s seat.