Hybrid Retake

Role: Creative


In close collaboration with Experiential.Monks, Riot Games’ VALORANT celebrated their big first year with a series of hybrid events in Caïro, Dubai and Riyadh. 


We made sure to show love to the loyal community responsible for the game’s success by making them an integral part of the show.

Guests entered a hybrid environment blending physical, digital and online elements into a uniquely memorable, player-first experience. They became agents within the game, as physical event attendees battled against an online Twitch audience in a hard-fought mission to claim control over a game-winning object: the Spike.

Experiential.Monks delivered both creative and production, drawing inspiration from the rich Future Earth universe and game maps to design the sets and interactive installations. All this was combined with a 3-hour live broadcast, influencer Q&A session, and a full-blown LAN party with a selection of elite Esport pros.